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Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

Well the answer is very simple: despite social media’s boom, email remains an almost certain way to reach people and bring traffic to your website.

Search Optimization

Our focus is on achieving positive outcomes and lasting success for our clients through effective execution of our SEO strategies.

Conversion Marketing

Our services are designed in a way that you can clearly view that people are talking about you and offer you a better area.

Website Performance

Our experience, coupled with our quality consciousness has helped us grow into a leading offshore web design .

Make Your Content Visible & Super Optimized

Cks Solutions is more than just a digital marketing company. We offer everything you need for an effective and memorable online presence. We provide strategies to help your business grow, generate revenues. Our team of professionals will help you design your online business presence.

We help our customers by taking all steps to acquire new customers and generate sales through our digital marketing. We plan, create and launch search engine marketing campaigns that capture the most effective keywords to find the right combination of bidding and targeting and maximizing our efforts to increase the traffic and therefore effeciently fulfilling our clients business needs.


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Our Services & Expertise

Our company offers real-world solutions for all phases of digital marketing, from SEO to social media to reputation management – as well as web design and development services of the highest quality. Our main focus is to take your business to the new heights of productivity. We are experienced digital marketers having a vast knowledge in digital marketing strategies to help our clients and we always stay on the cutting edge of Digital Marketing. Our digital marketers will only work using Google-approved white hat methods.


The consultancy industry is one of the most diverse markets within the professional services industry

a number of different types of consultants are found in the industry.

Data Management

To make sense of the vast quantities of data that enterprises are gathering, analyzing, and storing today,

companies turn to data management solutions and platforms.

Page Ranking

PageRank works by counting the number and quality of links to a page

to determine a rough estimate of how important the website

Location Targeting

Location targeting lets you select specific locations where you want your ad to be shown.

Location targeting then allows your ads to appear for people in those locations.

Google Analytics

Google Website Optimizer


Google web server

web analytics

goal tracking

SEO Optimization

Social Media Presence

Proper Keywords

Social Media Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Competitive Market Analysis

Social Media Presence

Our professional team at Cks Solutions will make your online presence strong and clear and help you reach your target audience organically and methodically.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC is another form of internet marketing strategy via paid advertising channels that helps your website to reach at the top of search engine results pages. While demand for B2C websites is more likely to generate direct sales, it is also an important part of the B2B marketing mix when it comes to generating leads.

Proper Keywords

Choosing the right keywords for your business is very important to your online success. Our team will determine the best keywords for your business.


Our content team, at Cks Solutions will write and publish articles/blogs to help your business to perform better in Google.

Social Media Marketing

We will promote your business effortless and through different approaches of social media to enhance your online presence and generate leads and drive traffic to your site.

Competitive Market Analysis

To stand out from your competitors, it's important to know who they are and what their online marketing profile looks like. We identify and track your competitors and implement SEO strategies that will advance your business.

Capitalise on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity to beta.